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You may have seen the Tummy Stuffers on TV recently and your kids may be screaming they want one but are they worth buying? If you are looking for tummy stuffer reviews then please read on.

Firstly, let's look at some of the key features of Tummy Stuffer toys to see if they will fit in with your child's needs.

  1. They work great as a storage unit. You can put just about anything in them. 
  2. It is a plush toy that your child is sure to love.
  3. Suitable for a wide age group. The manufacture says 4 - 15 years. So will suit just about everyone.
  4. Comes in many different animals designs so both boys and girls will love them.

As the toys are designed to be both a cuddly animal and a storage unit, it is a great addition to any child’s room to promote organization and to keep things neat, but it also makes for a very cute furry friend.

Another fun feature is the fact that a Tummy Stuffer toy can become your kid's secret storage place to keep his or her favorite items and still be a much loved cuddly huggable stuff animal. Your child can also use this toy to store items that may not have a set place to live otherwise.

Do you go on regular road trips with your kids? These plush toys can be a great place to keep all their 'must have' items for the trip while still having something to play with to pass the time.

Pink Cat Plush Review:

One of the most popular of this range is the pink stuffed cat. This particular toy looks like a happy cat that will continue to grow in size as more items are put into it. It is shaped as a round, fat, pink cat with white paws, a huge smiling mouth, and a cute pink nose and tongue. The eyes of this toy are large and appear to smile. The more your child stores in it, the cuter and fatter the cat becomes.

It's soft and cuddly and you may be surprised how much this cat can hold!

Be aware that that this toy is not designed to store food and sharp objects. The food can spill, or be forgotten and cause poisonous mold spores. Sharp objects can puncture the cat and would need to be repaired or thrown out.

Who Sells Tummy Stuffers?


Buy Tummy Stuffers Online
If you are looking to buy these as a Christmas gift and want to convenience of buying online then Amazon is the best place to purchase. You will get fast and (sometimes) free shipping.

What could be better than that.

Amazon also has a great range of the other animals available such as;

  • Tan Dog
  • Brown Monkey
  • Green Gator

Popular toys, especially those that are "seen on TV" sell out super fast. So don't be disappointed!

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