Melissa and Doug Giraffe Plush

Melissa and Doug Giraffe Plush
Looking for a stuffed toy that will really impress not just your friends, but more importantly your child's friends!

The Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush is just the thing! Standing at an impressive almost five feet tall, this toy goes to the next level by bringing this stuffed animal to the next level!

It does look realistic and will certainly be a favorite of your kids and their friends. Who could resist that face?

Some of the important features of the Melissa and Doug Giraffe Plush is the ability for the toy to stand on its two feet - I mean own four legs!

That in itself is a huge plus as is the soft material and realistic plush covering.

The markings certainly look real and it is perfect for plenty of hugs.

If your children love animals and love going to the zoo then this is the ideal toy for them.

Your child will fall in love with the Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush and have many hours of enjoyable fun with this stuffed animal that is close to five feet tall.

The features of the Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush are very close to realistic. There are perfectly placed spots of brown, tan, and orange to resemble the fur of a real giraffe. The fur of the stuffed giraffe is very soft, which entices your child to hug this toy constantly. The length of the neck is proportioned to the body and sturdy, and even has its two horns, ears, and large eyes with lush eyelashes. The giraffe has a long tail and legs made with wire construction to allow it to stand on its own...

To a young child, the size of this giraffe will seem realistic and bring lots of smiles and hugs to this plush toy animal. Due to its durability from its firm legs and neck and impeccable stitching throughout, the Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush will withstand years of play. Your child can drag it by its feet or by its neck and it will not come apart. Your child may even use it as a pillow or something to lay on and hug while watching television.

The one downside is the giraffe, although large, is not strong enough to allow sitting on it, as it will collapse and possibly ruin the wiring in the legs. This is a bit of a shame as no doubt the kids will love to try it.

If the stuffed giraffe is bumped from the back or front it will remain standing; however, if it is hit or bumped from the sides it will fall over. The stability is not that strong - it is a plush toy after all!

If you are looking to add some pizazz to your child's bedroom or the playroom and make the rest of the neighborhood kids extremely jealous, this is the perfect toy for your home! It is sure to bring hours of playtime and also provide companionship for your little ones. Durable and should last your child young playing years.

A match made in heaven for the young animal lover in your family.


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