Step 2 Tropical Island Resort UPDATED

This is an updated version of the toy in the original review below. You will see it is of a similar idea...

Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table with Umbrella

Looking for a great toy to remind you of the wonderful summer days spent outdoors or at the beach?

Then go no further than the Step2 Tropical Island Resort.

It is a Step 2 playset designed to encourage imaginative play for children.

While there are other set themes available, this set is suitable for boys and girls and can incorporate both water and sand!

What fun!

The Tropical Island Water Table as it is also known has the following features and parts is included with your purchase.

Water slide
Water wheel carousel
14 piece accessory set
Pumping a geyser make the water flow
Additional accessories are sold separately
Suits ages from 18 months up to 5 years old

Is the Step 2 Tropical Island Resort Worth Buying?

There are lots of features of the Step 2 Tropical Island Resort, but the first thing that you will notice is how it truly resembles a resort. The supportive legs of the play set are a light brown with impressions on it that resemble stumps of a coconut tree. This already gives the play set an enticing look as the stands hold up the blue basin that houses the island resort. It also helps encourage your child’s creativity as they play.

In the basin you’ll get a hot tub, pool, and a place for the people to lounge. Boats are lined up by the resort island for the people to travel to the water slide or other areas of the surrounding waters.

This is a play set that can be played either alone or with a group of friends. It’s a good choice if you want a toy that siblings can play together, and you can comfortably get 4-6 children around the toy at one time.

The Step 2 Tropical Island Resort is very easy to set up and easy to wipe clean, since it is made of durable plastic. When not in use, the water can easily be drained and wiped down to prevent any mold or mildew from finding residence in this toy.

There is one thing to know, and that is the slide does not always stay in place when being used. In addition, the screws that come with the design of the set are not labeled well, which can lead to some confusion when setting up the playset.

Overall, this is a great Step 2 play set with loads to do. It is perfectly designed to boost creativity and imagination. Many parents report that this toy has kept their child captivated for hours, which makes it well worth the slightly high price tag.

Here is the original toy but seems to be out of stock indefinitely. : -(
Step 2 Tropical Island Resort

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