22 November 2016

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set for Preschoolers

Vtech KidiBeats Drum Set in Blue

VTech designs so many fabulous educational toys and The VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is no exception! If you are looking to give your preschooler a great start in music and especially the drums, this is a solid choice to get them going.

It's currently the number one bestseller in it's category at the time of writing and is contantly in the top 10. How could you go wrong?

This toy not only introduces your child to the experience of music but also to letters and numbers as well. There are so many options of play to entertain your child.

Let’s have a closer look to see what else this drum set has to offer.

18 November 2016

Bontempi Toy Saxophone: Kids Love It!

Coming from a musical family there was always an abundance of real musical instruments for me to play and experiment with. 

My grandfather had a great old banjo which he taught me to play and both of my uncles played woodwind instruments, a trumpet and a clarinet. 

So what do you do it you don't have real musicians in your family but want to encouraging your child to take an interest in music. 

It can be one of the best ways to develop their creativity, coordination and sense of rhythm early on. 
Bontempi Toy Saxophone
Toy Saxophone with Silver Finish
There is no shortage of musical instruments available to allow your child to play, but not many toy versions of instruments are available for younger children who may not be able to play bigger instruments.

My fave was always the saxophone. The players always looked like they were having a great time. 

So here is a great toy starter sax to get your child going. the Bontempi toy saxophone. 

It’s not a real saxophone, but it does the job to allow young children to have a feel at playing music on their own. 

9 November 2015

KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel Review

Are you looking to bring out the creativity in your child? The Deluxe Wood Easel by KidKraft offers a number of features that may do just that!

All budding artists need essential storage space for all the items required to create just the right masterpiece. Let’s take a closer look to see what this toy has to offer your child.

White Wood Easel

Key Features of the Deluxe Wood Easel

  • 2 anti-spill paint cups
  • Paper dispenser
  • Easy refill of drawing paper
  • Whiteboard and chalkboard
  • Trays for storing art supplies

6 Tips for Buying Your Child a Sturdy School Backpack They Will Love!

With homework assignments, textbooks, and even electronic devices that a child has to carry to and from school, a good school backpack for your child must stand up to this demand. A good backpack is one that your child likes, one that’s durable (to reduce the frequency at which you need to buy new bags), and one that’s comfortable for your child carrying around their things all day.

9 October 2013

Playstation 4 vs Xbox One Face-off!

More than any other time of the year, the holiday season is an important and exciting one for gamers all around the world and this one in particular promises to be one of the biggest we've ever seen. 

Nintendo may have gotten the early edge in with its release of the Wii U late last year but it's this season that the titans of high definition, cutting edge gaming will be going head to head trying to get into your homes and, more importantly, into your wallets. 

Whether you've been following the release news word for word as the information becomes available or you're a new entry into the crowd watching these two gaming giants raise all the hype they can, here's everything you'll need to know for the upcoming launches of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Playstation 4

Sony's powerhouse PC-styled mega-console is set for official release on November 15th, 2013 putting it a full week ahead of the Xbox One. 

PlayStation 4 (PS4): Standard Edition