Bontempi Toy Saxophone: Kids Love It!

Coming from a musical family there was always an abundance of real musical instruments for me to play and experiment with. 

My grandfather had a great old banjo which he taught me to play and both of my uncles played woodwind instruments, a trumpet and a clarinet. 

So what do you do it you don't have real musicians in your family but want to encouraging your child to take an interest in music. 

It can be one of the best ways to develop their creativity, coordination and sense of rhythm early on.

Bontempi Toy Saxophone: Kids Love It!
There is no shortage of musical instruments available to allow your child to play. 

Not too many toy versions of instruments are available for younger children who may not be able to play bigger instruments.

My fave was always the saxophone. The players always looked like they were having a great time. 

So here is a great toy starter sax to get your child going. the Bontempi toy saxophone. 

It’s not a real saxophone, but it does the job to allow young children to have a feel at playing music on their own. 

Key Features:

This great toy has an elegant silver color, complete with 8 keys that can play a scale! 

Comes with instructions on how to play three songs:

      - Jingle Bells
      - Oh Susanna
      - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

It is 16.5 inches in length or 43 cm if you prefer metric and is suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Worth Buying a Bontempi Toy Saxophone?

You will notice right out of the box that the saxophone has a realistic silver finish even though it is made from plastic! Color-coded keys make it easier for the child to play certain notes.

By giving a Bontempi toy saxophone to your child, you’d be giving him or her one of the closest things to a real saxophone, since sounds have to be produced 100% through blowing wind through the saxophone and holding down keys at the same time. There are not batteries to recharge or electricity to use. This in itself make this toy a winner from the cost perspective.

Another clear advantage is the fact it is not too loud and annoying even when a child plays it for long periods of time. The creators certainly had the sanity of the parents in mind with this feature. Most children will happily play the same thing over and over again without getting bored but it can drive an adult to distraction!

If the country of manufacture is an important feature for you then the fact it is made in Italy rather than China may be the final reason to go ahead with the purchase.

Are there any Drawbacks or Negatives?

Not too many thankfully. There have been a few complaints of durability and can break easily if the saxophone is dropped hard or handled roughly. Because of this, it would probably be better to offer this to a child who already knows how to take care of their toys. 

At the end of the day, the Bontempi toy saxophone is still a great investment for the right age group and could still be suitable for younger kids with the right care. If your child is showing an avid interest in music and is in preschool or of school age, you should have no issues with buying this saxophone for them. 

Happy playing!

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