November 9, 2015

6 Tips for Buying Your Child a Sturdy School Backpack They Will Love!

With homework assignments, textbooks, and even electronic devices that a child has to carry to and from school, a good school backpack for your child must stand up to this demand. A good backpack is one that your child likes, one that’s durable (to reduce the frequency at which you need to buy new bags), and one that’s comfortable for your child carrying around their things all day.

Here’s what to look out for:

Quality Material

Let’s face it – anything you buy your kids is bound to be put through a lot of stress, and a school backpack will be used almost daily. This is why you need something durable. Note that backpacks tend to break at the seams, especially at the shoulder straps, or at the zippers, so check for durability in those key areas when you’re shopping.

Attractive Design

A child is intrigued with certain colors, patterns, and even movie or cartoon characters that he or she favors. When a child likes the backpack that he or she will be using for school, he or she will most likely take better care of the bag!

Appropriate Size

The size of the backpack should match the size of your child and still be able to carry homework folders without it becoming smashed and torn in the backpack. If the bag is too large for your child, he or she will more likely be tempted to carry more things, thus making the bag heavy and hurting his or her back in the process. If it’s too small, though, your child might overload it putting extra stress on the seams.

Adjustable Straps

By having a properly placed backpack on your child’s back, by adjusting the straps, the weight in the backpack will be distributed evenly, which means less chance of injury. It should be easy enough to adjust that your child can do it themselves.

Organizational Pockets

Functionality of a backpack will help your child be better prepared for school. With different organizational pockets and compartments, your child can have a place to store pens, pencils, paper, and homework assignments. Better organization means your child can find things more easily.

Weather Proof

If you live in an area that is rainy or snows, you may want to consider a backpack that is water resistant for your child. Water resistant backpacks will repel water and ensure that your child’s belongings are kept dry and clean. No more excuses for homework that got soaked on the way to school!

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