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22 November 2016

Hohner 5 Piece Toddler Music Band Review

Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band
Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band

The Hohner 5 Piece Toddler music band is a great little musical instrument set for youngsters. The idea is simple – give kids lots to play with, and allow them to play in groups too.

This and the potential for educational play are what makes the music band an appealing purchase.

Does it live up to its potential? Let’s take a look.

24 September 2013

Step 2 Tropical Island Resort

Looking for a great toy to remind you of the wonderful summer days spent outdoors or at the beach?

Then go no further than the Step2 Tropical Island Resort.

It is a Step 2 playset designed to encourage imaginative play for children.

While there are other set themes available, this set is suitable for boys and girls and can incorporate both water and sand!

What fun!

28 August 2013

Angry Birds Plush Toys Review

When the Angry Birds app became the number one app across the world,  it was downloaded and played by millions of fans. The game itself involves catapulting birds birds towards the pigs in an attempt to get revenge.

Sounds like a simple concept, but it's highly addictive!

Of course, it was only a matter of time before such a popular online game would make it's way into the toy world.

There are now a huge range of different Angry Birds plush available to buy, ranging in size and depicting popular characters from the game. They all feature authentic sounds from the game, and are suitable for kids and adults alike.

Angry Birds Plush Toys are just one of the toy ranges now available. Some of the features are these toys are the official licensed product so match the character and sounds just like in the game they represent. You can squeeze the tip of the toy to here it make a sound.