Melissa & Doug Band In A Box Musical Instruments Review

Melissa & Doug Band In A Box Musical Instruments Review
We all want to encourage our kids to excel whatever field that might be in. One great way to do this is giving them toys that combine entertainment with education.

The Melissa & Doug Band in a Box is an excellent way to encourage kids to play music while having fun.

Let's take a closer look at the product and see if it's worth buying.

Features Of The Melissa & Doug Band In A Box

*  Includes 6 instruments,
*  10 pieces in total,
*  Easy storage,
*  Suitable for ages 4+.

Is The Melissa & Doug Band In A Box Worth Buying?

Melissa & Doug have a reputation for good quality products, and this set of musical instruments lives up to that fairly well.

These instruments feel like they have been well made and that is the first thing you notice when you remove them from the box.

What's perhaps most important is the amount of fun that children experience in playing with the Band in a Box.

It's pretty easy to see that most children are delighted with the instruments.

There is a lot of variety, with the set including a tambourine, cymbals, a triangle, tone blocks, a clicker and maracas. This alone helps to keep children entertained.

The fact that there are 6 instruments means that children are able to make music together with their friends.

This is a great way of encouraging sociability and cooperation, and also makes the play experience much more exciting for the little ones.

Unfortunately, there have been a couple of quality issues reported.

Firstly, the tambourine surface can tear fairly easily. Some users have reported this happening within a day or so. However many find that it never happens at all.

A second issue with quality concerns the maracas. These are known to come loose from their handles occasionally, although usually only after many months. It is something that can easily be remedied with some DIY gluing though, so it shouldn't present a massive problem.

One more minor downside to the Band in a Box is the instrument sound quality. While these do sound good, they fall short when compared to their professionally made counterparts.

In itself, this isn't a big problem as they are designed as toys first and foremost. However, it's possible to purchase professionally made instruments of the same types for little more than this set costs, which raises a question over the value of the product.

It does seem reasonable to dismiss this issue though.

Firstly, children are unlikely to notice the difference in sound quality between professional products and these toys. Secondly, this set is cheap enough to make it of little real concern.

Finally, by coming as a set the Band in a Box means you won't have to hunt down a variety of instruments separately.

Apart from the issues mentioned above this music set is on the best seller list for preschoolers and toddler music toys so these problems are not stopping hundreds of children and their parents enjoying this set.

This product is sure to provide most children entertainment for a long time.

Not only that, but it encourages creativity and musical intelligence.

Overall, despite a few flaws, this is a great little set and certainly worth buying for your kids.

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