Buy Maisto Radio Controlled Cars - A Review of Two Best Sellers

Buy Maisto Radio Controlled Cars - A Review of Two Best Sellers
One of the top toys for decades has been the radio controlled car. They’re fun and exciting and offer a unique kind of play that other toys just can’t.

Children of all ages love them.

Some go fast, others do special tricks or fire missiles and more. Today we will look at two of the popular choices from Maisto.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler

First of the bat is the Maisto RC Rock Crawler.

Designed to be an outdoor off-road kind of vehicle that offers lots of entertainment and delivers where other RC cars can’t, but does it deliver? Let’s take a look.

Key Features Of The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

  • front and rear suspension
  • tri-channel transmitter
  • off-road action
  • suitable for ages 8 – 15
  • comes in three colors - black, green & red


Is This Model Rock Crawler Worth Buying?

The RC Rock Crawler has an appealing design that stands out even while it’s still boxed. It’s got that monster truck look and gives the impression it’s built for off roading. Fans of destruction derby type events will see this and get excited right away.

Once you get it out of the box is when the real fun begins though. Firstly, there’s full front and rear suspension. This means the Rock Crawler can take some punishment and cover all kinds of terrain without a breath. It also means the toy won’t fall apart regardless of what kind of terrain your child decides to drive it over.

The wheels are another great design feature on this toy. They’re big and chunky, offering real bounce. Plus, they’re not plastic but real rubber. This offers greater traction so the wheels won’t slip as much and improves the off-road performance of the car.

The final design feature that really makes this an off-road car is the inclusion of two motors. That’s right, this car hasn’t just got the standard single motor but actually employs two. Each is connected separately to either the front or rear axle.

The result is true four-wheel drive. This means the Rock Crawler from Maisto can easily power over all kinds of obstacles without getting stuck. When one set of wheels loses contact with the ground there’s always a second set pulling at the dirt and sending it on its way.

On the downside this car isn’t that fast. That’s a bit of a trade off as this vehicle is heavily geared to make sure it can tackle the tough off-road terrain. It also suffers from a very poor turning circle which is a bit harder to explain and is slightly disappointing.

Another minus point is that the batteries needed for this car are not included. You’ll need to buy 6AA batteries and a 9V battery for the remote separately.

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

Buy Maisto Radio Controlled Cars - A Review of Two Best Sellers
If you would rather have a bit more grunt in your RC vehicle then the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme is for you!

This toy has huge wheels which allow it to conquer any terrain. And the transmitter operates on multiple channels, meaning use while other Maisto RC cars and trucks are being operated is a cinch.

Great for eye-hand coordination and fine motor skill development for children, and addictive fun for adults as well, the attractively priced Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme RC toy requires a closer inspection.

Key Elements of the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

  • Both front and rear suspension offer excellent off-road driving 
  • 3 motors total – 2 driving engines and 1 steering 
  • Powered by 3 AAA and 6 AA batteries (not included) 
  • Unit is lightweight but durable and rugged 
  • 3 channel transmission means 3 remote control fans may use Maisto radio control vehicles simultaneously
  • available in red & blue color


Why the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme is a Smart Buy

Much of the fun of remote control vehicles is learning to steer while powering the engine. That is accomplished with three different motors on this RC car. Additionally, front and back articulated suspensions and extra-low gears mean that even difficult terrain is easy to run on.

This RC monster is a full 12.5 inches long, and as mentioned above, simultaneous play with other Maisto RC product owners is possible thanks to the toy's tri-channel 27 MHz transmitter.

The tires and suspension are definitely made for rugged off-road action. However, the car will effectively and speedily move along flat surfaces such as grass and concrete as well.

Out-of-the-box the vehicle seems light, and that first perception may lead you to believe it is a delicate toy. But the vacuum-formed plastic body is not only colorful, it is also capable of enduring spills and crashes without the slightest damage.

Your remote comes with both forward and reverse modes, as well as right and the left steering capabilities. These 3 engines provide unlimited directional and speed capabilities.

Recommended for ages 8 through adult, the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme includes remote control and vehicle.

Way back in 1967 the company now named Maisto began manufacturing models and toys, and nearly 40 years of quality product development is evident here.

The Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme remote-control vehicle has multiple features found on RC cars and trucks which cost more than double what you will spend here. For children and adults alike, low-cost remote control driving action is available both on-road and off, which makes this remotely controlled vehicle a smart buy as a gift or a personal purchase.

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