August 22, 2013

KidKraft Espresso Kitchen Review

KidKraft Espresso Kitchen Review
Did you love to pretend you were cooking the dinner when you were young? 

I never really embraced cooking - even as an adult: but if I'd had one of these to play with, it may have been a different story!

Pretend play is a great way for kids to show their creativity. Often the young ones love watching the grownups when they are in the kitchen so playing with a KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a great way of playing the mom or joining the parents while they cook.

This play kitchen is totally safe and far less messy than letting your kids play in the real kitchen! 

That is an added bonus!



Some Features of these Kids Kitchen Sets:


- Comes with the kitchen sink, microwave oven, baking oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, cooking stove, cordless toy phone included.

- All doors can be opened and closed with a chalkboard on the freezer door!

- Storage cabinet over the sink.

- More than 3 feet in length and height so it's suitable for use by more than one child. 


Is the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen Worth Buying?

The KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a child-sized kitchen, and looks just like a regular, functional one. Being in a scale suitable for kids, any child in the range of 3 to even 10 years old can play comfortably with this kitchen. It’s also spacious enough that more than one child can use it, so your kids can play together and cook some make-believe pizza or dessert in their kitchen. This kitchen has almost everything that you can find in your own kitchen. 

This faux kitchen does not disappoint as it looks like the real thing. The plastic granite, stainless steel and dark wood surfaces look just like those in a real kitchen; in fact they look so real you’d be forgiven if you thought this whole kitchen is functional.

You don't have to worry about the any of the parts falling off either. Al the moving part such as knobs, faucet and doors are extremely sturdy. 

The only downside is that although this is a miniature kitchen, it is still quite large, being over three feet in length and height. It has many components and accessories that you need to put together, so be prepared to spend around three hours assembling it. 

Overall, assembling this mini kitchen is a straight-forward process, but if you don’t have much time, you can assemble it bit-by-bit over two or three days.

The verdict for this product is simple: buy it! In this Uptown Espresso Kitchen, your children can cook pasta on the stove, bake some cake in the oven, or even make some popcorn in the microwave. 

They can also have play dates and entertain guests, or just imitate you in the kitchen when you’re preparing dinner. With the impressive build quality of all the parts, this kitchen can surely last for years, and still look brand new. 

If you’re looking for a stylish and fun play kitchen, the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a good choice indeed.

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