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27 November 2016

Buy Maisto Radio Controlled Cars - A Review of Two Best Sellers

One of the top toys for decades has been the radio controlled car. They’re fun and exciting and offer a unique kind of play that other toys just can’t. Children of all ages love them.

Some go fast, others do special tricks or fire missiles and more. Today we will look at two of the popular choices from Maisto.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler

First of the bat is the Maisto RC Rock Crawler. Designed to be an outdoor off-road kind of vehicle that offers lots of entertainment and delivers where other RC cars can’t, but does it deliver? Let’s take a look.

Key Features Of The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

  • front and rear suspension
  • tri-channel transmitter
  • off-road action
  • suitable for ages 8 – 15
  • comes in three colors - black, green & red
Rock Crawler from Maisto

25 November 2016

Lego Fusion Town Master Review

LEGO has been providing decades of building block fun. But the traditional LEGO experience has been relegated to physically building towns, characters and environments with the familiar LEGO blocks.

Lego Fusion Town Master

What the LEGO Town Master (21204) product provides is virtual integration of the unique cities and buildings that you create.

On the special playing surface you create a LEGO village. You can then control LEGO characters and continue to build your physical empire on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

Let's take a closer look.

24 November 2016

Zoomer Dino Review

Zoomer Dino

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? I bet all the boys and girls you know do!  So what could be more fun for a kid or let's face it an adult, than controlling his very own RC baby Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Boomer is the name of the vividly painted lime green and white plastic dinosaur that screeches, rolls, shakes his tail and moves his head with a mere wave of your child's hand.

Zoomer is the name of the toy company that makes Boomer, and they have included a remote control which can unlock special action features that will delight your child.

The Zoomer Dino Boomer is an intriguing and unique remotely controlled toy, so let's power him up and take him for a spin.

Zoomer Dino

Key Elements at a Glance

  • Zoomer Dino Boomer is suitable for Ages 5 and up 
  • Bites, roars and dances
  • Boomer rolls freely on most surfaces
  • True Balance Technology keeps Boomer balanced perfectly
  • Boomer senses where you are located, and what you are doing